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More than a PPE Vending Machine - An Inventory Control System

At Safety Stations Australia, we offer a comprehensive range of custom-made vending machines that dispense personal protection equipment (PPE) in the workplace. These safety machines incorporate card readers that allow user data to be collected, making this an extremely cost-effective inventory control system.

All of our PPE vending machines can be customised to order, with no need for repackaging of goods. Many of our clients choose safety machines of 50 selections, with 10 to 20 of each type of product available.

Common items include:

  • Safety vests
  • Earplugs
  • Safety glasses
  • Batteries
  • First aid items
  • Gloves

However, our vending machines can be customised to suit virtually any item – the only limitation is the size of the delivery bin. We have created solutions for dispensing hand tools, bicycle helmets and more.

Contact us today to discuss a customised vending solution for your workplace.

Save Time and Money with a Vending Solution

Generating massive cost savings, the average cost reductions across projects that use our safety machines is 30 per cent. These cost savings are achieved through:

  • Better inventory management systems
  • Reduced wastage and theft
  • Controlled access to machines and specific goods
  • Less time spent by workers sourcing products onsite
  • Higher rates of safety compliance
  • Less staff time spent on inventory control

With our unique solutions, data is automatically generated and sent to central inventory control systems. Log on anywhere to generate user-based or product-based spread sheets. Information can even by generated on an item value basis, allowing ongoing system and process improvements.

Access PPE at any Location

Along with cost savings and better inventory control systems, our vending solutions also assist in improving OH&S compliance. PPE can be accessed faster at key locations. User data also assists in reporting and determining individual compliance levels.

Tailored to Each Worksite or Department

Our safety machines are custom-designed to suit your application. Once the vending machines have been stocked and placed on site, equipment can be retrieved by employees or contractors by specially-issued cards or fob keys. Coin and banknote systems can also be installed to allow visitors or contractors to purchase equipment as needed.

Vending solutions can be tailored not only for each worksite but for each department; usage pattern data will assist in developing a product mix best suited to each location.

Through wireless internet connectivity, data is monitored in real time, allowing operators to generate reports and access information at any time.

Vending machines can be restocked by site staff or by 3rd party suppliers, as desired.

Extend Your Inventory Control System

More than just a vending solution, the technology can be extended for use across other product management systems.

Card readers can be installed at store counters to allow monitoring issues of footwear, uniform items and other goods that are unsuitable for safety machine dispensers.


Our in-house technicians and mechanics can customise solutions for any industry or department, creating central organisation-wide inventory control systems. Vending solutions can be created for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Industrial solutions, eg. tool vending machines for manufacturers
  • Commercial – eg. stationery dispensing
  • Customer-facing – eg. car wash equipment vending machines

Contact us today to discuss a customised, cost-effective vending solution for your worksite.

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